Wasp Invasion

لعبة Wasp Invasion

من قبل Kyle Hendricks

  • التصنيف: ألعاب
  • تاريخ الاصدار: 2019-10-09
  • النسخة الحالية: 1.0
  • تصنيف الكبار: 4+
  • حجم الملف: 79.94 MB
  • المطور: Kyle Hendricks
  • التوافق: يحتاج الى نظام تشغيل iOS 9.0 أو ما بعد ذلك‫.‬

شرح البرنامج/التطبيق

WASP INVASION! An endless, side-scroller where you need to go against the endless horde of wasps while following along the rules of Red Light/Green Light. Get as many points as you can, or if you prefer as little as you can while flying through the constantly generated level pickup up apples, and potions along the way. Music obtained from https://www.playonloop.com Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com Art obtained from: https://kenney.nl https://shikashiassets.itch.io/shikashis-fantasy-icons-pack http://www.openpixelproject.com/

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